Brake pads

What is the approximate amount of money to have brake pads replaced on a 2003 mazda protege?? thanks

[b]Chevis, That’s Almost Impossible. There’s Quite A Few Variables At Work, Here.[/b]

Your geographic location is one. Some areas of the country operate at higher or lower costs than others.

Do you know if you need just pads? Front? Rear? Do you need to have the rotors machined? Can they even be machined? Do you need to have the rotors replaced?

See where I’m going, here?

Here’s what I’d do. Call a few places where you could have the work done. Maybe a friend could recommend a place if you don’t have one.

Ask for a total price estimate to replace pads, only. Then ask how much more it would be if the brake rotors also need to be replaced. This is likely. Ask about a warranty on the parts/labor. Compare notes.


Front pads and rotors, new fluid, etc. noramlly will run yo abaout $300-$350 at an independent garage. Much more at the dealer. If the rotors have never been turned, they could maybe be reused, and turned. But don’t count on it!

Estimates should be free and have them tell you what you need and what they will do, as came up in a previous post my guys flush the brake fluid every time, you may be surprised by the variation in quality of rotors pads and services for set price from place to place. The good ones may cost a little more but they will tell you we use this pad instead of that pad, flush the lines, use rotors from here instead of there, turn them at this shop or not at that shop. It boils down for me that find good people to do a good job. Point in case I asked if the brake shop did alignments, not yet but I go to … but tell him when I have an alignment I don’t want it just within specs, I want it at the center of specs, and the guy does it. I had a rotate and had my brake guys retoerque the wheels which they did for free as I hate warped rotors and so do they, as it is under their 2 year warentee, They did not have a tool that could read torque settings while loosening but said glad you had us do it, a few bolts felt quite a bit off. That may be insignificant to many but I have had warped rotors due to bad torque and did not like paying to replace them one bit.

As little as $200 for pad only+labor at an independent. However that cost will climb by $100-$200 if rotors are replaced or turned/machined.