Automatic frustrations

The automatic features on my ooooolllld car are in various states of disrepair. The driver’s side window and the back passenger windows work…that is about it. My trunk lid stays ajar (my bad here I think, as I bought a new bike that I put in the trunk and had to bungy cord the trunk lid down over the bike, now I think…hope…wonder…whatever, did the catch get misaligned, or did I mess up the motor (?) ? I am a senior citizen fighting for my life, can I fix these things or are they gone forever regardless, or will a price higher than the value of the car be the only solution…

How old are we talking here, and what all doesn’t work (aside from a window and the trunk)? Some things are simple to fix, others not so much. You could probably get some of what you need at a boneyard.

You have to find out if power is getting to switch on windows that are not working, If so see if power is on other side of switch.
Then if power is getting to window motor, this will tell you where trouble is.
I take it you have a power trunk release.If it is closed position it will not latch. See if you can move it back,unlatch it with fingers or screwdriver then push button and see if it locks.
You can check if motor is getting power with a volt meter, maybe spray lock with lube.
Yes they can be fixed.

On the trunk lid, put the key in the latch and turn it to unlock. Yes, I realize the trunk lid is open; but, it could still be open and locked.