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2012 Chevrolet Cruze - Power trunk self-opens

power trunk lid opens by itself

Electrical? Just unplug the wire that goes to the actuator. Decide if it’s worth getting it properly fixed. If you can unlock the trunk with a key, welcome to the olden days!

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Check your key fob. When I unlock I often have to close the trunk too. Not sure if I hit both keys or not.

Wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately, today’s cars and SUVs do not have a lock cylinder on the trunk lid/rear hatch, nor do they have one on the front passenger door. In fact, some models don’t even have one on the driver’s door! I guess if the battery dies, or the keyless entry system malfunctions, you have to break a window or call for assistance.

Even the cheapest economy cars from 20 years ago had the ability to open both front doors and the trunk/rear hatch with a physical key, and the ability to open the trunk/rear hatch with a cable-actuated lever. We have gone backwards!


I think they all have ( not positive ) but many have the drivers door key slot covered by a cosmetic trim to keep dirt out because they are not used very often . One of mine the slot is underneath the drivers door handle .

My cars are a 1999 and a 2007… will be having some gittin-used-ta if/when I get something newer. What, no CD player? I quit!

I saw a VCR advertised in the paper today for $40. Tempting just in case.

Got 1 in the sunroom and 1 in the basement… but I date myself.

Cheap date.

There’s a little plastic cover like that on both front doors of my wife’s Hyundai.

My neighbor across the street had the same problem with a Ford Fusion. He stopped using the remote key and opens it with the regular car key.