2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

My van has 90,000 miles. I am having problems with my headlights not turning on, then when they finally turn on, they will go off randomly. My power door locks have also stopped working. Last night, I found my tail light cover has come off. How can I put that back on? Lastly, my heater only works for a minute, then the air is cold. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

You clearly have some electrical power problems which are probably a dying alternator, but you seem to also have a problem with the coolant heating up…that last one may be as simple as a thermostat or the coolant may be leaking and too low. Have you checked your coolant level lately? Low coolant would cause an inoperative heater.

Get a repair manual at the parts store to show you how to replace that taillight cover. But not until you fix the other problems. No sense buying a $20 Haynes manual and then finding out the van will cost too much to fix.

i have a 2005 dodge caravan and a while back my power door locks stop working. every thing else electrical is working. can not find a fuse for the power door locks. what to do?

The power door lock problem is a Body Control Module error. There is a software update available to correct this, ask your dealer to refer to TSB 08-040-04.