Car Locks don't respond

I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. The door locks do not respond to the remote or the switch on the door. If I disconnect the battery for a few seconds, they will work for a day or two. It seems to be a computer problem. Is there only one? Where is it and are there any other tests I can do to troubleshoot this?

There are multiple computers, and if you fool around with them you’re likely to make the problem worse. Take your van to a dealer, and let them figure it out.

“Check Engine” Light Illuminated With Lock Problem ?

There is more than one computer in this vehicle. You are probably dealing with a body computer (BCM - body control module) issue. It should be located under-dash on the driver’s side, I believe. I can’t imagine you can test anything there, though.

I can’t speak for the Grand Caravans, but I do know that some 2005 Caravans had problems with inoperative RKEs (remote keyless entry) and needed to have the BCM reflashed (new software). These vehicles were illuminating the “check engine” light and storing a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) for PCI internal fault in the BCM.

It might behoove you to find somebody with the capability to retrieve body codes. Not all code readers / code scanners will do this. Some only read powertrain codes from the PCM computer (powertrain control module).


I believe you need new door lock actuators.