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Automatic car locks not working in hot weather

I have a 2008 Chevy Equinox, and last summer the automatic driver’s side door locks (front and back) stopped working when the weather was hot (around 85 degrees or higher) - both when using the keyfob and the lock/unlock buttons on the car doors. This summer, both sides seem to be affected. The locks try to move, but seem to struggle both when locking and unlocking. Any idea if this is a mechanical or electrical problem, and how I should go about troubleshooting it? Thanks!

I would start with mechanical, lube the stuff, my choice would be spray lithium grease, but it seems it should be worse in cold than hot if it was a mechanical bindup,

I guess in addition I’d clean the connections but you’re going to have to pull the door panels.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I’ll take a look at those solutions. I also have read that it could be the actuators (although I would expect them to fail one at a time instead of in pairs) or the body control module. Thoughts on whether it could be the BCM?

The door lock actuator motors become weak, the normal procedure is to replace the door latch assemblies.

It’s probably the actuators that are failing. Not an uncommon thing reported here. It could be something else, to rule out other causes, someone would have to measure the voltages at the actuators during attempted opening/locking. I think for this one it’s a pretty safe bet just to replace the actuators. That’s b/c they are sort of working. If they didn’t work at all, then other problems like the bcm might be to blame. But if they appear to be attempting to work, but just don’t have enough strength to do the job, that’s more likely the actuators.