Passenger Door Locks don't work when the temperature is warm

This issue started in late summer/fall of 2017 and wasn’t a problem all through the Chicago winter but now has begun a to be a problem as soon as the temps got above 55 degrees. At night when it is below 60 degrees and closer to 55 the passenger door locks work fine. As soon as it gets above that the doors unlock or unlock part way or not at all and sometimes they lock and sometimes they don’t. One time the tailgate didn’t unlock during warm temps. It was only a one time thing.

I’ve heard through some other controls that there is parasitic control and depending on the temperature different electronics are used depending on the temp so that you conserve energy in cold temps and are more liberal in warm temps.

The battery is new March 2017. I had the original OEM battery from 2004-2017 :slight_smile:
BCM is Original
Fuses are original
All other electronics work as expected
Instrument control panel works as expected with the exception of light for temperature.
it’s a 2.4 L Manual transmission.

Two videos I’ve found helpful

Thanks in advance!

Probably a mechanical problem instead. Try to lube the door lock actuator rod inside the doors.There are a lot of youtube videos on the subject and there might be one for your vehicule.

I took BCM out today no obvious signs of damage or warping to board. To me it sounds more like a short since it only happens on one side. The relays are separate. Wouldn’t it being cold be a more likely issue with lubrication than hot? I read somewhere about parasitic energy and depending on the temp the energy is sent to the doors in two different paths. On for cold and one for warm. The one for warm is faulty but the one for cold is fine. Finding out where those two things exist in the electrical is above my pay grade.

Lubrification does not prevent rust in colder climate. Rust start forming in early spring when everything gets taw. I am pretty convinced that the actuator rod pivot inside the door is starting to seized.

Ok thanks. We’ll give it a try @COROLLAGUY1