Electric Door Locks Issue in Hot Weather

My electric door locks work great until the temperature gets above about 85 degrees then the locks don’t throw all the way. I have to unlock the car with a key & when locking it run around the car to make sure all the doors locked correctly. Same issue if I use the key-fob or use the inside switch. Any ideas? Why do my locks want to take the summer off?

Clean and lubricate the latch mechanism and it will work again.Use some aerosol brake cleaner to clean the latch and lithium grease to lubricate it.On most cars, the p/d/l are connected to the latch with a cable or a rod.If the latches are extremely dirty,they will stick.

I suspect there is a problem with the power input wiring to the main door lock switch. There may be a little extra resistance in the supply to the main panel that gets worse as the temperature increases. The extra resistance robs power getting to the door lock solenoids.

The door lock actuators are weak, you will need to replace the door latches.

I think its a mechanism issues because in summers the system of car connect to the hot temperature and tighten the doors. You can park your car under the garage and don’t park your vehicle in the open area where it connect with sun.

HUH ? :confused: