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Automatic locks don't work in hot weather

This is a pretty strange situation. A couple of years ago, my automatic locks stopped working consistently in hot weather. Sometimes they’ll work and sometimes they won’t, but the worst thing is that they are inconsistent. I only have this problem in the summertime or on really warm days in the spring or fall (I live in Colorado). Any idea what could cause this?

Can you provide the year of your car? There is a door lock module involved here. At a time the problem shows you can try commanding the locks to work through a scanner. If the locks work through the scanner but not from the master switch it will start pointing at the master switch as being the problem component.

You could look and see if there is a trouble shooting flow chart in the FSM and see where you end up after following it during an event.

It’s a 2001 Hyundai Elantra. I’m not familiar with how automatic locks work and how to use a scanner – could you provide more details? Thanks for your help!

I read a bit about the auto-door lock feature in your car. It seems that one of the 3 possible systems for you car does include an auto lock function. The fucnction can be enabled or disabled. Since there is a programable module involved this problem could be as simple as this paticular control module needing replacing, but first I would try a re-programing