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Auto a/c

I have a 2002 s-10 the a/c works fine at highway speeds but blows out warm air during in town driving. Would a recharge help this problem?

I doubt it. Why does everyone think that any time the AC has a problem it is a low charge issue? (note this is not intended to be an insult to wiphi, you are smart enough to ask)

Does it suddenly get warm or does it do it over several minutes?

One would likely be a vacuum problem and the other a non-functioning fan at the radiator.

Thanks for the reply as soon as you come to a stop it blows out warm air.

It could be many things. My 98 Civic did this and it ended up being an electrical connection to the compressor. It could also be related to condenser fan failure. You will need a proper diagnosis by an A/C technician.

Thanks guys at least this gives me a place to start.