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1993 s10 a/c

I have a wierd problem with the A/C on my 93 S10. It will start blowing warm air but if I accelerate real hard it will start blowing cold again. Any ideas? Thanks

Loose fan belt? Low refrigerant level? Any A/C shop will gladly check both items for you.

Hi. Fan belt is tight. Had ref level ck’d and it was supposedly ok.

First you should find out if the refrigerant is definitely OK. Have a shop check the compressor. Does the compressor kick in? If everything ‘under the hood’ is OK then it is probably a problem with the damper controls.

If the HVAC system under that dashboard is vacuum controlled, what you describe will happen. As you open the throttle the vacuum decreases, and the temperature blend door may be moving when it shouldn’t.

Check for vacuum leaks.

Thanks, will check everything.

I y sounds like a Vacuum problem to me as mcparadice says.