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2003 Suzuki Aero Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air After Engine Turned Off after Driving and Restarting

A simple woman with a AC problem:

When I start my cold car it blows cold air from the AC. After the car has been driven for a while and I turn off the car for an errand, then start the car again, the AC blows warm air. Somehow it seems to lose it’s charge for awhile. If I let it sit for a couple of hours and let the motor cool down, it works again.
Took it in for service ($921.00) of new brakes and wheel cylinders for replacement. Repair shop could find nothing wrong with AC problem. Am I losing my mind?
Can it be something simple instead of the $$$ I always seem to pay at the mechanic shop.
Your assistance of information as to what the problem would be is most appreciated. Thank You.

I suggest you locate a shop that specializes in automotive HVAC systems, and let them check the AC system. Explain the symptoms to them, just as you have in your post.

If it were “losing its charge,” it would no longer blow cold air at all, so it’s not losing it’s charge.

The problem may be in the ductwork under the dashboard, rather than with the compressor or the refrigerant charge, but only someone with the necessary equipment and experience can correctly diagnose it.

It can’t be done long distance.

Be aware, AC work is seldom cheap, and the money you already spend on the brakes has no effect whatsoever on the AC. They are separate systems and separate problems. If you want the AC to work correctly you have to find a shop that can correctly diagnose and repair the AC system, and then pay them to do so.