I have a 2003 4wd 4door s10. Tah airconditioner comes on sometimes and then quits ( blows hot Air) maybe later or the next day it will come on again. Any thoughts?? ( hoping not a compressor)

Bring it to a shop that advertises automotive AC work. They’ll have to check for leaks, repair any they find, and recharge the system.

It can’t be diagnosed from here. Without the leak check everything is just wild guessing.

I did not respond to this because to post body says s10 (sic) and the Tag line says Silverado 2500.

I think we would do well to eliminate tags. JMHO

That could be a vacuum problem. Does it tend to blow hot when you hit the accelerator hard?

I agree, although I do sincerely appreciate the web folks trying to find a way to respond to our constant complaints about not having the info.

Pleasing us can be a challenge. But their efforts are sincerely appreciated, at least by me.

I totally agree.


Thanks for the help. I appreciate your thoughts. I will take it to a shop and see what happens.