2002 Chevorlet S10 ZR2 A/C

I have a 2002 S10, I’m the second owner. I checked with the previous owner ( the person I bought it from) to see if he has ever had any issues with the A/C. He said “Not at all.” I do know the truck was sitting very close to a year.

I’ve recharged the system and now it’s right at the red so far as r-134a gauge go. When I turn the A/C I can hear the A/C clutch kicking in and out like every 9 seconds. I’m reaching out to see if the CarTalk community can think of anything to check or try.

Thanks in advance!!!

Get thee down to an independent AC shop and let them troubleshoot the problem. They are the experts. You will save time and money.

Did you use one of those DIY kits that only shows the low side pressure?

If so, you don’t know what the high pressure is doing.

The AC system in your vehicle is a CCOT (Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube) system. This means that it’s normal for the compressor to cycle on and off.

At what RPM did you try charging the system? Also, did you have a large fan blowing at the condenser when recharging the system?


We have tons of S10s in our fleet

If the refrigerant level was low . . . and it sounds like it was, otherwise why would you need to recharge it . . . it’s probably because of a leak, not normal seepage

The most common leak is the ac compressor itself. It’s actually the case o-rings

You can suck in some ultraviolet dye through the low side while the engine is idling wit the ac compressor engaged

It takes some time for the dye to find its way out through the leaky components. Sometimes it takes months. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve literally got a green compressor a few weeks from now

@db4690 The refrigerant wasn’t low, but I pushed it up to the red on the gauge that comes with A/C PRO.

I can check the pressure and it is still where it was when I pumped it up so I don’t think it’s leaking.

@Tester I was outside pumping it in, I’m not sure what the RPMs were, and the fan is working. Is there anything I can check now?

The air is working, there is a difference is temp if you turn the thermostat from hot to cold, it just isn’t cold. It’s warm air.

Does any evap issues have anything to do with A/C? I have a check engine light for evap high voltage.


“the gauge that comes with A/C PRO”

I’m assuming that is part of some “kit” to add a small amount of ac, available at an auto parts store

I wouldn’t trust that very much

The best way to evaluate your problem is with a professional set of manifold gauges. Or better yet, pay somebody to do a proper recover, evacuate and recharge. And make sure he tells you how much he recovered

I’ll lay odds, you only have 1/2 charge, or less

If you go that route, make sure he adds ultraviolet dye, and make sure he puts the sticker on, indicating he added dye. It’ll make it easier for the next guy who’s looking for ac leaks

“I have a check engine light for evap high voltage”

That is related to your evaporative emissions system. It has nothing to do with your ac performance