Aurora computer problems

I have two of these things, a '95 and a '97. I even bought the '95 after learning that they have a problem with the body control module. Every so often, it dies. Typically, the headlights flash rapidly as a relay buzzes behind the dash. Other problems have included flashing of the headlights when the car is off, loss of tail lights, dead speedometer or tach, loss of dash functions such as AC controls, radio, etc. My '97 needs its fourth body control module in as many years, at $800+ per. The '95 went through four replacements under its original owner and now needs another. Fortunately, they are only $140 or so.

Please, what kills the BCM, and how do I fix it? I’ve seen a rumor that it’s a design fault in the alternator, and replacing it with another model will fix this, but can’t confirm that.