i have no headlights or wipers tryied everything then someone told me its the body control module he said its common in the 96 dodge caravan can i get your opinon

Been There…
… done that.

This would be a “guess.” There could be a wiring problem or whatever. These cars have a lifetime warranty (Recall) on the “clockspring” in the steering wheel, but my understanding is that the airbag and cruise control are inop when that breaks.

I too own, since new, a 96 Caravan with 53,000 miles. I lost my fuel guage and then a while later, front wipers. Actually they went crazy, had a mind of their own. I wound up replacing the BCM with a used one and it fixed it. I found a caravan with identical equipment. The yard let me take one and try it! A new BCM was in the $600+ range for the part. You will have odometer miles change if you go “used.”

NYBO posted a reply to a similar question and he recommended locating the Power Distribution Center under the hood and pulling, for 10+ seconds, the fuse labeled “l0D,” and then replacing it. He said that would reset the BCM ( note that it would erase your radio presets ). I have never tried this.

Good luck!