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Headlight Control in 98 Dodge Caravan

The headlights come on at odd times with the switch off. This has ocurred while driving (with the switch off) and with the car parked during the day. The lights normally go out after a while, but then come back on for five to ten minutes and repeat the cycle several times before staying off. I suspect the timer that is supposed to keep the lights on for a short time after the switch is turned off, but don’t know how to locate the the control.

The most common problem for this complaint is bad body control module. Find yourself a good independent repair facility. Dont think the dealer is gonna do you much good on a 12 year old van.

I was thinking about the BCM module myself when I read this. If that is problem you should be able to hopefully get a replacement from a salvage yard or a rebuilt one which will be a lot cheaper than a new one. If they still are available new at least.

Thanks - Can anyone tell me where the BCM is located in the vehicle?

I think it is mounted on the firewall above the area of where the driver’s feet rest. Look for a rectangular box about 8 inches long. If you change the box out you may need to have some programming done by the dealer, depending on your options.