2015 Acura TLX - Many lights

With no warning all my electrical warning lights came on saying there was a problem with each system. It appeared to be all systems, such as brakes, LKAS, Power Steering, Antilock branes, Hill Start Assist, Vehicle Stability, Lane Departure, Parking, Forward Collision warning, etc. The car however drove fine, brakes work, etc. Has anyone seen this before? I doubt all these systems failed at the same time and hope it is a simple fix.

Could just be a glitch. Or you may need an alternator. My Subaru did almost that exact thing a few weeks ago. Cleared the codes and I’m good. Out Honda Fit also did it. $800

Read this,


Sometimes a battery that’s dying can give symptoms like this, so it’s worth having it tested.

Thanks everyone for the responses. Dealer placed car on the Dynamap today. They reset something and said the car if fine. $168 just to diagnose and turn off the lights. I will ask them if they checked the battery and BCM module as suggested by you all. Hate to have to go back and pay another $168 if this happens again.


The warning lights are tied into the alternator field circuit so they can go into a TEST mode when turning on the ignition. These kind of issues are usually related to the alternator. If the trouble occurs again I suggest you look into that. Unfortunately, intermittent problems can be hard to find.

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Thanks. I picked up my car from the dealer this afternoon after they reset something and half way home all the same warning lights came back on. Bringing car back tomorrow and will ask them to check the alternator as you suggest, and also the Body Control Module that someone else suggested could be the cause.

Well it is obvious that the shop tried to solve the issue but they didn’t solve the problem by doing whatever they did. Just as I was thinking to myself. I don’t think the BCM has anything to do with the warning lights circuit but I can’t say that for certain. If it does I would have to have pretty solid proof it was causing the issue before replacing it as they can be very expensive to replace. They have your money now, so now they need to fix the trouble. My bet is the alternator is the culprit. The trouble may be due to worn brushes inside it.

A malfunctioning BCM will activate dashboard instrumentation cluster error and warning lights.


With the way todays cars are wired I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the BCM is involved with the warning lights circuit. Thanks for the info @Tester.

Agreed! Do not want to spend a fortune unless we know for sure that is the cause. Dropping car back off this evening. Thanks again for the help.

There is very likely an intermittent fault detected by the ABS or vehicle stability system, the other systems displaying the warning lights rely on inputs from these systems.

Twenty-five years ago instrument cluster gauges were driven by body computers, a few years later instrument clusters had their own processors and recieved their data over the BUS comunication network, not from the body computer, body computers control interior lights and door locks.

If you ask your dealer to “check the body computer” they will know that you have been searching on the internet for solutions.

Worse yet, the BCM is the “gate keeper” module on many 2003 and newer vehicles that have a CAN (Controller Area Network) system. If the BCM cannot communicate properly with all of the other modules, or it does not recognize the addresses of other modules, it can cause all kinds of problems.


The CAN gateway computer and the body computer (MICU) are two separate modules.

Thank you. I am sharing the info with the dealer. They have a call into American Honda Tech support to confirm things.

I don’t know what you can share with your dealer other than which warning lights were on and the operating conditions when it occurred, they have more experience with these systems then we do.

Dealer identified that there is water leaking near what appears to be at the base of the windshield area where it meet the hood. There are items (modules?) in that area that are getting wet when it rains. Water is actually leaking inside the car behind the glove compartment.

Had my windshield replaced the end of last year and the hood with Acura OEM parts when neighbors chimney cap blew off in a storm and dented hood and cracked windshield. Going back to body shop to see what can be done to fix leak since they did the work. Then dealer can do a $1300 plus fix.