Aurora, Coloradope to hand out automobile anti-theft gear

I done got my own 9mm anti-theft automatic.
1 in chamber, 15 in magazine

When you are out to dinner or at a dance club do you constantly watch your car?
BTW, in my state, it is illegal with a CWP, to carry in a facility that serves, alcohol, in a hospital ( do the blood bank techs come to your car?, we did not, the driver came to us), in a school, etc.

“Items that will be distributed on the 27th while supplies last include steering wheel locks, which prevent a car from being driven properly unless the device is removed; catalytic converter tags, which make converters harder to sell illegitimately and less attractive to thieves”

Not so dumb in my opinion.

A waste of funds and time. The “Club” can be defeated in seconds, any convertor tag that can be installed, can be removed.

This is as effective as painting “don’t steal this car” on the side in water based paint.

Get police on the street to catch the criminals and prepare the jails to keep the criminals. This includes those that steal them but more so for the folks that fence the stolen items.


Never watch.
Our SUV has two automatics. Came with one.
The other is out of sight andoes not go into any places prohibited.

A criminal’s life is of infinite value.
I would only fire warning shots - center mass.

Well, at least there’s gonna be food at the event… lol … otherwise, I don’t see much other benefit. Steering wheel clubs, not gonna do it. Tags placed on the cat? … lol… come on, be serious. A big step in the right direction would be for the gov’t there to implement an at least a one year sentence in the local jail for car theft conviction, but the politico staging this event doesn’t want that for some reason. So it’s a no-go. Must be an election year.

Your truck and some others do not have a locking steering column, have you considered an anti-theft device?

I have one already, out of gas … lol …

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In other words, if someone steals your car when you are not watching it, they get the bonus of a free gun.


One of the big problems is that the revolving courts keep releasing the same criminals.

A dozen years ago here in OK some guy tried to steal a truck in broad daylight. The homeowner heard it start and came outside with a handgun. The thief tried to run him down and that led, thankfully, to the end of that felon. Homeowner fixed what the courts did not.

I pulled up the thief’s name (easy to do here) and found that in the past 15 years he had 53 felony convictions. That begs the question; why wasn’t he locked up permanently 50 felonies ago as his rap sheet was as long as my arm.

Several car theft charges, felonious assault, concealing stolen property, drug dealing, armed robberies, burglaries, 3 protective orders by 3 different women and all violated, 3 assaults on police officers with 2 involving deadly weapons, and on and on. With 53 felony convictions I have to wonder how many crimes he got away with, pled down, etc.


Yes. If they can find it.
Andifficulto steal when the kill switch cannot be found.

Kill switch? Unlocking a Lexus with a lock-out tool will cause the alarm to sound, door to relock and no start protection.

Most late model vehicles are stollen via carjacking.

Don’t need no stinking anti theft gear, I drive stick shift vehicles.


Oh you’re just so clever, bless your heart :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nothing clever about an unrecognized switch.
Hooked up my friend’s Corvette so that it will not start unless the parking lights are on.

You have a friend ?


Surprised that he would be so impractical as to own a Corvette.
Always concerned that someone may damage it. Parks it away from other vehicles.

The problem with these kinds of programs is the same as with home security systems. A home security system doesn’t reduce home burglaries over all. It just makes burglars move on to the next house that doesn’t have a security system. The company that makes the security system is entirely dependend on the existance of crime for their business to prosper, so they have no incentive to actually have the criminals arrested. They have yard signs telling would be burglers to move on, and a siren in the home to tell any burglers to get out before the police come.

It could be the same with with non profits and government institutions that distribute vehicle anti theft devices. They secure grants and funding by the existance of crime, and they have no incentive to have the crime reduced.

There was a police sting operation where they deliberately allowed cars to be stolen, and then they tracked the stolen vehicles and arrested the thieves. There was a hidden camera in the car and it was made in to a TV show. It was great to watch! These kind of programs actually work to reduce crime.

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I am an engineer… I owned a Corvette and other impractical cars. I also park way out so my doors don’t get dinged and so does my wife and have as long as we have been driving.

I also raced cars with my 2 engineer friends as crew and paddocked with another engineer buddy who raced his own car. I still do track days with a buddy who shares my first name, is ambidexrous (as am I) and HE drives a Corvette! Come to think of it the 3rd engineer ambidextrous engineer at the museum I volunteer for who also shares my first name drives a Corvette.

Exactly what is so surprising? In MY world, YOU are the “surpising” one!

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All the goofy ideas you post and you are calling someone impractical. I park our 2010 Volvo and our 2018 Ford Fiesta far away from other people as we can .


The us attorney for Minnesota recently had a press conference to discuss bringing Minneapolis crime under control. Trying to form a partnership with other law enforcement etc. the jist of it was that in mpls
there is a particular population that have no respect for life, law, or potential punishment. One interviewed said, no problem, I’ll still be king when I get out. Like a vacation or earning an advanced degree. Putting a sign on your car saying theft is illegal probably not going to help.

The fabric of our nation is the law. When it goes, the rest is not far behind. No joke as said.

Someone said liberty is being able to tell people what they don’t want to hear.