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Audi TT convertible

Hi, I have an Audi TT convertible 2004 reg, however when it rains it seems to go inside the car.

If it is heavy rain, raindrops stay on the inside of the roof (condensation I guess), as well as the seat and steering wheel being wet and also mouldy.

Please can you advise me on anything I can do to help this situation?

This should not happen. Is the roof firmly attached to the car? Check anywhere the roof meets the rest of the car: windshield, windows, body behind the seats. Is there any leakage?

Hi. I have an 01 and the top is pretty tight. The only solution I know off is to have an expert look into the proper alignmnent of the top and the glass on the doors and the condition of the seal on the upper part of the windshield. Also the material of the top needs to be in good shape and water proof. Do not take this car to any automatic car wash. The chemicals and the spray wax affects the condition of the material. The ultimate repair is to replace the top and, thankfully, there are after market or non Audi tops available. Do not be surprised at the costs. Good luck.

Is there a sweet smell in the car with the fan running? How about providing additional air circulation using the heater and or the A/C?