Audi A6, left hand turns


Intermittently my 2002 Audi A6 has a strange rub/low pitch grind when turning to the left. I hear and feel it most often in slow turns inside a parking garage but it is certainly not limited to then. I was a swimmer and so this rub feel and sound, reminds me of when my shoulder was not quite in place and I kept using it… Audi diagnosed the problem as being excessive play in my right front wheel bearing and also found torn upper control arm bushings. After the repair, I drove to work with no problem but in the final 2 turns home at night the rubbing/grind was as bad as ever. Has anyone had a problem like this or have a guess as to what the problem might be?

I’ve personally experienced a low brake pad warning feeler (can’t think of the correct term right now…senior moment) rubbing only on a hard turn. Does applying the brakes affect it?

No the break doesn’t but giving it a little gas does minimize it.

See the suspension pros at a good alignment shop (aka front end shop). The dealer is not expert.