Audi A4 rear suspension bushings


My rear bushings on my 1997, A4 Audi, make a crunching thumping sounds when the body torques over irregular surfaces. My Audi mechanic says that it is the bushings. Replacing the A frames and bushings will cost more than half the car’s worth. I belief that dust got into the bushings when I went on dirt roads in Death Valley or they are just worn. When I blast the bushings with water the noise disappears or dampens for a while. Car has 186,000 miles.
To keep the noise down, can I add graphite or some other material to the bushings?
Thanks for your help!

Tom & Ray recommended Wurth HHS-2000 / HHS-K Penetrating High Temperature Lubricant for lubing chassis bushings. I found it on Amazon.

Agree that at this stage you stop putting a lot of money into the car. There are a number of spray lubricants, some with silicone, that might work. I had a Ford once that did this with the front susp[ension supports. An auto supply store would have a good selection of products.

Some folks use WD-40 for anything that sqeaks.

In my experience worn sway bar bushings make noise “when the body torques over irregular surfaces”

You might get a an aerosol can of motorcycle chain lube and spray any questionable areas down with it. That kind of lube can creep itself into hard to access areas without disassembling things.

Not certain, but I think that Wal Mart might even carry that particular product. It works well on door latches and so on too.