Attention web lackeys-water4gas spammers are loose!

Wow… I just came on to see what’s going on and there a 3 recent topics about water4gas and HHO.

There is that eatonlab spammer triing to sell his scam.

We need to come together and end this garbage.

Flag every post from these spammers.

I’m an engineer with a strong science base and NOT trying to sell anyone anything, I HAVE built and tested Hydrogen generators for cars and trucks and do know they work. I have built over a dozen different types and have re-engineered a few for better gas production. I have not found them to be the holly grail of fuels but have recorded significant increases in HP and fuel economy.

Willey if you haven’t tested one, how do you know they don’t work??? The very first Internal combustion engine built in 1825 ran on water gases.

If you or anyone here want to post documented proof that it doesn’t work I’m more than happy to check it out. But make it verifiable and scientifically based. Until then you and any others who think they know everything should refrain from criticizing others from their inexperience. (would be mechanic reporters don’t constitute scientific)

NOTE: The water4gas “kit” is IMHO good for a science project only, the engineering is laking and done poorly, with major safety issues.
There are many web sites and You-tube vids that show much better designs and explain the workings better.

Are the rest of us here really nothing but “lackeys”???