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Hydrogen Generators


Does anyone know if these Hydrogen Generators that you see on ebay and such work? I don’t believe they do but I’m having a hard time finding proof.

Thank you

Judging by the number of people who fall for this scam I’d say it works very well as far as padding the bank accounts of the shysters promoting this junk.

Chemistry without chemistry would be a great idea if it worked.

Alas, the first law of thermodynamics is just that, a physical law. No amount of slick presentation and buzz words will circumvent the laws of physics. If everyone had paid attention in 7th grade physical science class, these shysters would not be able to take advantage of people.

The proof is hard to find because it does not exist.

Buy one and install it. Then you will have proof that they don’t work.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to prove the negative…You need to look for proof that it does work…But let me help you our here…there isn’t any. No proof what so-ever. It’s a scam…and why these people aren’t in jail yet is beyond me.