At my wits’ end with my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

I won a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the 3.8 litre engine and a manual transmission. I was driving and I hit some rough pavement. All the lights on the dash light up then go out a few feet before I reach my home driveway. I pull in and shut the engine down and turn back to accessory. I plug in my code reader, no codes are given. I see a code on the odometer that reads “doNe” then it disappears. I have tried to start the engine and nothing happens. No crank what so ever! Both key fobs will unlock all the doors. I jumpered the start solenoid and the starter will engage. I’m at wit’s end on this one. I am a retired aircraft mechanic (28 years), before that I was an auto mechanic and I have never seen anything like this! This is the first trouble the jeep has given me. I believe it is a ground problem. I’m looking for suggestions or others that have had this particular problem and what their fix was. Thank You for any help given! ! !

Sounds like the body control module was damaged or knocked loose.

No, I found the problem. The dealership that I bought the jeep 10 years ago from had installed an after market alarm system. I hit a bumpy section of road. Then the ground came loose, and burned an inch of ground wire out of the start circuit by the firewall. I had to have someone try the starter while I held a multimeter leads on the wires. Then I had to repair the wire. Voila, the problem is gone! She runs good and starts! Thank You for your help and experience in this type of problem. Thank You!

Glad to hear you got it fixed. My wife and I are former Liberty owners and I figured I’d take a shot.

I truly mean thank you! I was at wits end on this one. I just kept at it until I found the problem. I was hoping someone else had experienced the sMe problem. Through testing with the multimeter, and YouTube, I was finding all the various tricks and repairs that others had done. Have a good night, and stay safe and healthy! Thank you, again.