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Jeep car troubles

My jeep is about three years old and every few weeks the car developes a new problem. I don’t know if the car has problems or if the dealer I use is disabling the car. I was wondering if anybody has any advise?

It Would Help You Get Meaningful Answers If You Could Be More Specific. Please Tell About Some Problems You’ve Had And What Is Currently Going On With This Jeep. What Is The Model-Year And How Many Miles On It ?


I bought a 2008 Jeep Wrangler from Rosenthal Jeep in Arlington. The car operated great until May 2010. At this time the car would randomly stop starting. At this time the car had about 20,000 miles on it. I took it to Rosenthal they kept it for a day and then called me and told me that the car was fixed and ready to be picked up. I took the car and a couple days later the problem continued. I took it back to Rosenthal and they kept it for about four days. Then the service manager called and he said that they have run many checks and that nothing was wrong with the car. I picked up the car several hours later. As I drove home I noticed that the cars gas was running low and I pulled into a gas station and filled up the tank. As I started the car the problem started again. I called Chryslers (Jeeps parent company) corporate office for assistance and they told me to take the car back to Rosenthal. I took the car back the next day and Rosenthal kept the car for about three days. They did some repairs and I picked up the car.
About a week later I started my Jeep and drove about thirty seconds. Then all the cars alarms went off at the same time, and then the dashboard went crazy, the windshield washers turned on and then the Transmission began to kick. I immediately turned the car around and when I got home I called Rosenthal and they told me that they would not look at the car for about three days. I was not sure whether the car was safe so I did not drive it for those three days. When Rosenthal finally took the car I received a phone call from the service manager and he told me that the cars radio caused the problem and that he had ordered a new one and the car would be ready in two days. At this point I had been without a car for about a week and a half so I called Chrysler corporate office for a rental car. The operator told me that Chrysler did not have to give me a rental car because my car was ?operational? and she hung up. About an hour later the service manager at Rosenthal called and said that they had removed the radio and I could take the car and bring it back when the part arrived. I picked up the car without a radio later that day. After a week and a half of delays the part finally arrived. I took the car in and they did the repair.
A few weeks later my car?s original starting problem started up again. I called Rosenthal and Chrysler?s corporate office and said that the problem has persisted and I expected that they would discover and fix the problem. They kept the car for about three days and I got a phone call from the service manager and he told me that with the help of Chrysler they had discovered the problem. According to him the Jeep would not start because my EZ Pass apparently interfered with the cars computers. Later I took the car home and it was fine; for another week. One night I stepped into the car and tried to start it. The car started and about thirty seconds later the car died. I started it again and the car died after fifteen seconds. I tried it a third time and the car would not even crank. About twelve hours later I finally got the car started. I immediately drove to Rosenthal. When I got there I told the manager what had happened he called the lead mechanic and I told him the story. He asked if he could see both keys that were issued by Rosenthal?s sale department when I purchased the car. He came back about twenty minutes later and told me that when they did one of the repairs they had altered the cars ignition and only updated the key I left with Rosenthal. So when I used the second key with the incorrect code the car?s theft deterrent system activated which locks down the car for twelve hours. He updated the second key and I left.
Then a week later the cars AC began to die and I took it to Rosenthal. They kept the car for four days and then called me and said that there was no problem with the AC. I pick up the car later that day. A week later I started the car and the AC died. So I drove the car to straight to Rosenthal to show them what was wrong with the car. They took the car and about twenty minutes later the service manager told me that the AC power distributor was broken and I would need to bring the car back next week to fix it. I brought the car back the following week and they did a repair. As I was driving home the check oil alarm went off. This should not happen because I got the oil change on my about three weeks ago and Rosenthal did the oil change.