At $375,000


Why not just buy a freightliner with proper air brakes instead of this three axle Chevy?


'Cause this is waaaaay cooler to some people than a Freightliner! Landscapers around my county would drool themselves to dehydration over this!


Starting price is 375 grand., By the time rustproofing, paint and fabric protection, and ADP warranty is added about 425 grand…


“Dude, you’re gonna want the paint protection package and the window etching, bro…”


I’m a Ford guy, but I like this better than Hennessey VelociRaptor.


You mean like this P2XL?



Nah, 6 door is betterimage


This thing would earn its keep


And give you a place to live :slight_smile:


If there’s another Terminator movie this would be a good truck for his daily driver.


I’ll see you and raise you!


… Amateurs.


The wife is looking for a new van. Maybe I should show her this!


Holy Moley, how do you STEER that thing??


The two front axles are steerable.

The builder is (probably literally) insane.

Here’s another of his… Uh… Unique creations:


I don’t know about the first one, but this one is definitely an art car. No art car appeals to me, but that’s OK. There’s room for his esthetics and mine on the road.


all that work and effort and he went with boring, old fashioned wheels/hub caps???


Because you need the commercial driver’s license, with all the baggage that comes with it

I’ll get into details if you want, but I believe we’ve already talked about it many times . . . ?


I see Benz alloy rims on that “thing” :thinking:


Yeah, it’s 2 or 3 Benzes under all the… Decoration.