$3,500 for a 1990 silverado 4x4?

considering this truck. I know nothing about trucks have only bought 1 car before…does this seem like a good deal? Looking for a truck to use as a possible evac vehicle and for hauling stuff for my partner’s landscaping business.


Thanks for all your help!

Pictures never tell the tale…

You must get it checked out by your mechanic before you agree to buy it. California car with the requirements of California emissions testing… it could be a problem.

If it doesn’t need anything major AND it can be licensed, it seems a decent enough price but you must comparison shop with other comparable trucks for sale.

@Jordan-46. It looks like you’ve moved away from the 1999 low mileage Ford pickup. My only suggestion is to check local sources for your truck. This way you can visibly check for rust.
Keep in mind that this truck is 30 years old. I always like to see any prospective purchase.

Edmunds says it’s worth about $1300 unless you need to replace things immediately. NADA Guides says it’s a decent s probably overpriced if you average the two but not as badly as Edmunds leads us to to believe. Go look it over closely and drive it for 20 minutes or so. Check to make sure everything works, especially the 4WD. If you are still interested, get a mechanic you trust to check it out. If the list of repairs it needs is too long, pass on it or negotiate the repairs into the price of the truck.

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No 30 year old truck is going to hold up for business use unless the owner is an experienced mechanic. Why do you need 4 wheel drive, it adds tremendously to the likelihood and cost of repairs, and repair to any major 4 wheel drive components will exceed the value of the truck.

The truck in question already sold (maybe the OP bought it) so I can’t see the ad. Depending on the mileage, equipment level, and overall condition, $3500 could very well be a good price for this classic truck. Of course, I would not buy something this old, and/or with 4WD for business use, or for hauling/towing. You want a “work truck”, which is a long-bed, regular cab model with 2WD and an automatic transmission.