2007 Silverado LTZ - disappointed with Chevy

2007 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ. $52,000 purchase new.

  1. June 23, 2020 @67,000 miles. Vehicle shutdown while driving on freeway due to Theft Deterrent activated. Now, vehicle won’t start because Theft deterrent needs to be disarm / disable / remove entirely from vehicle. Are there anyway to solve this issue?

    1. Steering problem during first month of purchase. Power steering leak. Took it back to the dealer. Dealer claim it is normal. add a quart of power steering fluid annually until now June 2020.
    1. Suspension problem within first 4 months of purchase. Took vehicle back to dealer. Dealer claim, not warranty on suspension. PAID over $2700 to replace front suspension and fort and $1,200 rear tires worn out within 4 months.
    1. Within 5 years of purchase. Dashboard all cracked and fell apart. Check with dealer (NO Recalled). Very Sad.

I like the truck but all of the issue & warranty will steer me away from Chevrolet. I have entire fleet of Chevrolet diesel & gasoline trucks that I will need to faded out slowly to new bands of truck.

Contacted Chevrolet and the personnel just directing to contact your local dealer. NO “0000” Technical SUPPORT!


So why did you put up with these problems for 13 years? And how did you average 5100 miles a year over 13 years?

And why did you feel it necessary to post all this here? What would you like us to do?


There’s a lot of missing info here but I think if the smoke clears you would find these complaints are related to normal wear and tear or environmental conditions.

If the suspension is badly worn or damaged due to road hazards or a collision then that is not a warrantable repair.

My late father in law and 3 of my brothers in law have used GMC and Chevy trucks for 50 years as both personal and company vehicles. They routinely run them 300 to 450k miles; mostly in the masonry business and which can be pretty brutal. Sure they do repairs now and then but any vehicle is going to need repairs.

If the dash is cracked then I tend to think you live in an area where it’s quite hot during the summer. That’s what sunshades and dash covers are for along with a cracking a few windows.

There were actually 2 different model year 2007 Chevy Silverados . . . old body style and new body style

I suspect op has the new body style

We have several model year 2007 new body style Silverados in our fleet, and they ALL have cracked dashes. And yes, they’ve been cracked for years, just like on op’s truck

As for the power steering problem. I’d say the problem is not so much with the truck, as with the dealer. If the customer says he’s constantly topping up and they can’t find the problem, the mechanic at the dealership isn’t very good, is he?

As for theft deterrent . . . it seems like everything’s been fine for 13 years. And only now there’s a problem. So the system’s been reliable for all this time . . . pretty good :+1:


and I’m not sure you can have a better theft deterrent than a vehicle that won’t start! Anti-theft system still working even when it’s broken! Go Chevy!
:rofl: :rofl:


Yes, I love the truck but this happens. The truck stalled on the freeway and lock me out from my own truck with 3 kids. I contacted Chevrolet for technical support to request for instructions to unarm theft deterrent. They told you need to take the car to dealer. We can not help you.
2007 Silverado LTZ 4x4 5.3L new body style 67,000 miles. Drive on paved road only.

  1. Towing will cost $167
  2. Diagnostic $280
  3. $160 per hour there after
  4. Plus cost for parts if required

If anyone have info of how to disarm theft deterrent, please help.

Also how to disable TPM tire pressure monitor. I have to pay yearly to have sensor replace in order to pass my safty check.


Long Sybounmy (Sam)

My son followed few post from reply email instructions for an hour.The truck disarm and started.

Thank you all for informations.
Just in time to move camping gear for the J 4th scouts camping.


Long Sybounmy (Sam)

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13 year old truck and you are concerned about one incident that cause the truck to be towed? The 3 previous incidents you listed, the first should have been fixed under waranty - maybe you didn’t push it, don’t know. The second is an issue that cost you money, don’t know if you caused it but Chevy parts fixed it so what am I to think? The 3rd was not a mechanical failure, but interior degradation 8 years ago with no explanation as to where you park it, the area of the country, ect. Maybe it always sat outside in a hot climate.

Don’t you think that is a bit, oh, overly critical? If you think that a Ford, or Ram would fare better, switch brands. That’s why we have choices.

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