2006 Chevrolet 1500 - Truck wanted

Can you sell me a pick up truck for 500

I got a bridge I can sell you.


Yes I can . I guess you mean 500 dollars . It is a Diecast model 1/24 Red 1956 Chevrolet Pickup. If you mean a real pickup then you must be joking.


You also need to include that ocean front property you have in Arizona as :laughing: :laughing:well


Sure, send me the $500 first.


At this point, even a very old, beat-to-hell 2WD truck which runs is worth more than $2k, and one in semi-decent condition is going to cost twice that. And that’s for an old model with over 200,000 miles. I used to laugh when people posted Craigslist ads for old trucks with high miles that don’t even run and they want $1500-2500 firm price. Now, even those trucks are selling. Not quickly, but they are selling.

Can you hold it until the 3 of august

Can you please hold it until the 3rd of august



Just kidding, NO one will sell you a 2006 Chevy truck for $500 on this site or anywhere else. The scrap value is nearly that high.

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I might be wrong but I think that one is worth a little more than :laughing: 500$

If you don’t mind the that ignition switch is busted out, and it says U-haul on the side, and there is no title, I know a guy.


Another thing by the look on drivers face you would have to add some more zero’s to get him out of it quite a few more. :laughing:

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Who do you think you are contacting and why post that request here ? Or are you just Trolling ?

At least for trucks on the market between Seattle and Portland the pickings get slim below $5,000 which would buy you a truck with over 200,000mi and in some cases with an engine and transmission that you’re taking the sellers word how many miles are actually on the drivetrain.

Let’s say that I could, and I am located in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Would it be worthwhile for you to drive to Alaska from your unknown location?
And, because that mythical $500 truck wouldn’t make it very far down the road before it broke down, would it be worthwhile for you to tow it for… maybe… many thousand miles?

My suggestions are as follows:
Increase your offer by a couple of thousand $$.
Post your request on local message boards (NextDoor, City Data, etc), not on a national/international forum.
Have your own mechanic inspect the truck before money is exchanged.
Make sure that you have a few thousand $$ in a reserve account for the repairs that will crop-up w/in the first couple of years.

I am thinking TROLL.