If i can have a moment of your time

sign into myspace and go to


tell me what you think about it and if you cant get on then tell me and ill change it. Please be honest and dont hold back.

Special thanks to Roadrunner,JosephE.Mehan, rrpstop, and anyone who answered my questions, thanks TJscott

it might work without signing in, i dont know

I think if you sanded the bike down, masked things off and repainted it you would have yourself a decent dirt bike.
Also I looked at your other photos and I got to say SPIKE is pretty cool.

thanks, yeah as soon as i get my carb, im gonna start working on the apperance, thanks for showing me the website, again man thanks.

oh yeah, and special thanks to micheal

now all you guys can see my new air filter

dude that is so bad! (in a good way)

thanks man