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This is awsome - see through engine in action

Hope it is OK to link to a short video showing the combustion process in action on a “see-through” engine.

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I built the Revell 1/4 scale plastic visible V8 engine model when I was 12 years old. Combustion was not recommended.

Ah yes, the Visible V-8. That was the gateway drug into a lifetime of taking engines and cars apart and putting them together again.

How very true.

Just built one of these last winter with my son. Despite many efforts to correct it, the timing of the LEDs for the spark plug simulation was way off. Didn’t seem to bother him as much as me :smile:

He filmed the slow motion at 4000 fps. There should be a significant delay between spark and combustion.

I was replying to sgtrock21’s post about the Revelle model.

I can see the reply arrow and sgtrock image in upper right on that post but when I look at this post I do not see the reply arrow and image to you. I used same method to reply but whether or not the indicator shows up seems inconsistent. Do you see it on my post above?

I have also had that happen. Electron weevils? No self driving car for me. Yet!