Are These Bootleg Parts?

Hi Guys,

I picked up a bundle for some racing sim gear but it came with a Momo steering wheel and a Sparco quick release hub. They seem to be car parts with 3D printed sim adapters. I want to sell them on Ebay but haven’t found much about them online. Looking at the wheel and comparing it to other Momo products I can see that the wheel has stitched suede and doesn’t have the “Momo, Made in Italy” engraving on the back of it. So I’m wondering whether it’s genuine or not.
The Sparco quick release is more promising but I again can’t find it on their website and the only products that look similar are from way more obscure brands.

I’m sure they will sell for more if they’re legit stuff but wouldn’t want to sell them to anyone if they’re not legit as I wouldn’t want to rip anyone off or sell something unsafe. So wanted to ask you lovely people if you’ve seen either of these parts before to confirm their legitimacy.

More pics in the attached Imgur, cheers!

The Sparco logo is clearly a fake. the tail of the P does not drop below the line as all Sparco logos do so it is a fake.


I’d say the Momo is as well because the logo also looks fake. The letters are too rounded. And if ONE is fake, the other is most likely as well.

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Sweet, I thought that would have been the case lol! I guess that’s why I got such a good price for the bundle hahahahaha

You can still sell them, just say that they are Momo and Sparco knockoffs and adjust the price to account for that.

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