I need help with my rims

Hi, I have some rims that I’ve got with my car in 2013. Apparently they’re from Zito. I tried to find something about them, tried contacting Zito themself but nothing worked. Do someone know what kind of model are these or are they genuine? They look like they’re 3 piece but they’re not. They are 18 inch and have 4 holes for bolts, with 100 and 108 milimeters offset respectively.

What do you need to know about them ?

Like I wrote, I need to know if they’re genuine and if so, what model are they

You put Renault as your vehicle so that means you may not be in the United States . Zito is not a major company here . Go to the web site and find a dealer near you so the wheels can be looked at in person .

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Don’t have any dealers in sight, most of their rims are ordered online

Besides, Zito have headquarters in California and there are many photos of Zito 935’s on cars with US licence plates

Turn the wheel over and look at the backside. There should be wheel dimensions and a manufacturer’s mark and maybe a model number.

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Tried but nothing there

So no cast in markings on cheap Chinese dual bolt pattern rims?

Then the answer is; They are real Zito rims since NO one would knock-off cheap wheels.

Also, these wheels are not worth worrying about for any reason and likely should be replaced with a quality set of hub-centric single bolt pattern wheels with their dimensions cast into the backside like proper wheels are required to have.

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The only marking in the back are the manufacturing date, how much kilogrammes they can handle( VIA 690kg) I think, ET number, what size they are (18x7.5JJ) and some kind of number 168-1875. There’s also some H and embedded writings like H27 101. On the Zito badge cap there are manufacturing markings and they’re of by 3 years. K64 CAP and ZY are embedded on the cap.

But overall no signs of manufacturer on the rim. There is also some kind of C and some number embedded but i cant really describe it, maybe someone will know what this is

If you need to know if they are genuine Zito rims, I would think there would be identifying marks inside the rim.
Appears to be the Zito GTR rim.

Omg you’re literally a savior thank you so much!!! I’m shocked!!

Amazing what response you can get when you supply ALL the information we ask for, huh?

Thanks @Purebred


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure the offset is correct for your car.

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