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Hi there,

I am just wondering if this site is safe to buy parts from? It has decent reviews, but the good reviews are so short that it makes me wonder if these are legit or fake. What do you guys think?

No idea, you’re getting flagged because this is a favorite way to get spam posted. Go with a well known site.

Sorry, didn’t know you can’t post website links in here =/

I like to see what the business looks like, 2013 srreet view has a banner for coast to coast international. They had no engine parts for my car, good working website, they do take paypal, Probably not a problem, if it was an unbeatable price I might wonder why, or go for it. Call the phone and see how fast they answer the phone is another check, Having the phone listed is a plus in my book.

Never heard of it.

I checked the contact information. They have an 800 number and a post office box. Those may mean trouble. If they had provided a street address and a local phone number in Nashville, TN PO box location), I would have been much less concerned.

An 800 number and a po box ?
They could be a legit business veture. . but . .
I’ll wager that they’re just a clearing house and they own no inventory.
Only after you place an order ( they claim to have everything ) do they begin to source the part and drop ship to you.
And maybe that’s good enough for you . .
IF . . one stop shopping is what you’re after and you’d just as well have them do the footwork to source the part.

Hi - for what it’s worth, I removed the flags. (They don’t seem to be working, but that’s a whole 'nother issue.) The OP has written about a number of challenging situations (personal and automotive) in three other threads over the past three weeks or so, and there wasn’t a suspicion of spam there. I think the thread is just an inquiry about where to get more affordable parts.

Good to know. As for the question, are you looking for some special parts you can’t find from the ‘regular’ places? Rockauto? Amazon?

They are fraudulent, not safe.