He really wasn't drinking!

Avoiding the latest bumper crop of potholes could make some of us look like we are driving drunk!


This is funny because it’s so true. I drive a few streets that are literally that bad.

That looks like the roads in my area :frowning_face:

So do I, but at least a bit of swerving gets me around those pits in the road.
What REALLY annoys me is the presence of so many potholes in the entry lane for some strip malls (and even some large regional malls) that it is impossible to dodge the problem areas. I have emailed a few of the management companies to state that I cannot continue to patronize the stores in that mall because I don’t want to damage my car, but–as you can probably guess–my complaint has not made a difference.

That looks a little like roads in my northern location, except they are worse than pictured. Freeze / thaw is not good for roads.

The roads here in the south are wonderful. They are fantastically maintained right down to lines, markings, bike lanes!, signage, sidewalks everywhere, reflectors imbedded in the pavement, etcetera here in paradise.

I believe it could be partly a function of climate, but I believe it’s mainly a function of tax dollars at work. Sparse population north, high unemployment, with few tax dollars flowing.

Lots of folks making lots of money (some work and others retired wealthy) and paying lots of taxes here in the south.
CSA :palm_tree: :sunglasses::palm_tree:

Gives a whole new meaning to the term “Spring Break”.

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That’s how we tell if people are drinking in PA, whether they swerve to avoid potholes or not!

I’ve shared this before but:

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Yup. This year seems to be particularly bad for some reason. Some of the same roads have been rebuilt over and over and still develop the pot holes like they are built over a water spring. The problem is though that there is not much that can be done until the weather warms up and dries up.

Enough with the palm trees and smiling face wearing shades already

Several days ago, we told common sense answer he had MORE than made his point already

Apparently, he feels otherwise

I’m happy for him . . .

I think its part of his permanent signature now. But wait until that hurricane comes rumbling over and he’ll have to change the palm trees to broken ones.


… and/or wait until his home or his car is swallowed by one of the incredibly numerous sinkholes that spontaneously open-up in that state. And, then there are the alligators, the Burmese Pythons, those lovely giant flying roaches, and the truly incredible methamphetamine/opiate/opioid problem in that state.

Anyone who thinks that a particular state or region is devoid of climatic/geological/social/environmental problems is being… very naïve.

When we die, we might reach heaven, but it doesn’t actually exist anywhere on God’s green earth.

Perhaps the cartalk website should require that we all have our own permanent signature from now on :smirk_cat:

Thank You… I guess (line borrowed from Sylvester Stallone). I’m just living the dream!


nothing personal, you understand

As I said before, there’s only so much a man can take :smiley:

There appears to be some kind of a GM vehicle in the background, so it IS car-related

That’s me… very naïve! Ha, ha. I’ve always been that way. Thanks for the joking attempt to “rain on my parade,’” ha, ha! …but wait! It seldom rains here and we wish it would. The golf course ponds could use a fill! Not to worry, I’m insured beyond what is necessary and regardless of anything this is the smartest thing I’ve ever done, especially this winter! I’m certainly not going to worry!

We need to migrate north soon (golf league is starting soon), but we just aren’t in a hurry. You’d better believe I’ll be dodging pot-holes in the north after this lousy autumn / winter / spring / they’ve been experiencing. Not good for cars! Most of the folks here at the golf community started out as Snow-Birds and then went back north, east, or west for shorter and shorter time periods each summer until they just stayed here.

Dennis, a friend in the next building over, is from Rhode Island. He will be going back for a 1 month visit this summer. He says his property taxes alone in R.I. were over 6 grand per year. Unbelievable!

It is car friendly here! Smooth roads and good weather. It just keeps on getting better!
CSA :palm_tree::sunglasses::palm_tree: (I was thinking of changing the sunglasses / palm trees when I went north, but I kinda like it.)

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That reminds me db, I had to hire a tree service up north last summer when 11 trees were either uprooted or snapped off during a storm. What a mess! Unlike that picture, I actually had damage to my house when one tree made a direct hit on top of my chimney and broke the clay (fire-brick) flue-liner. They used 4 guys, chainsaws, a huge industrial shredder, and a front-end loader and worked all day.

Car related… I could not believe that all our cars made it through that storm okay. The winds were strong enough to drop a tree on a neighbor’s house damaging the roof, another neighbor’s garage was totaled by a tree and numerous pontoon boats were flipped.

As far a Florida is concerned my building wasn’t even required to evacuate during hurricane Irma! It’s on high ground, in a low-risk evacuation zone and made of concrete and steel.

Cars park under the building and are protected from bad weather.
CSA :palm_tree::sunglasses::palm_tree:

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Geez, I thought those were Buddy Holly’s glasses at first. 1959, Clear Lake, Iowa. Been to the corn field-we drove there. I was too young for his concert and it was too COLD anyway.

Here’s the thing, if you had to call a tree service, then you need your own chain saw. Put it in the car and you can use it either north or south and be prepared. Maybe a generator too. Water bottles? Snake bite kit. Just gotta be ready.

We don’t really have a pothole problem in my area of OK. We do have a big problem with blobs of asphalt piled 3" high on half-axxxx road repairs and horrible washboard surfaces.

The road between my house and OK City was so bad with the washboard surface about 10 years ago that I drove 45 miles on the dirt roads while going there one day. The dirt was much smoother than the pavement even if it did filthy up the car.

A gravel-hauler friend told me that’s caused by using sub-standard gravel. Too much creek rock (cheap, rounded edges), not enough crushed rock (more expensive, jagged edges that lock together). This should all be specified in the contract.