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Anyone having trouble

Inserting pictures? The attach a file isn’t working for my phone just wondering if it’s just my phone or if others are having same problem

There was a post previously about the issue, working on my Chromebook.

Yeah… Yeah I thought by posting this maybe it would let me in a comment but nope… Hmm strange

Testing, I,2,3
Mine from my computer isn’t working either. :unamused:

I can see your flowers, TSM.

For a few weeks, all I (and others) have been able to insert is just a link to the image, rather than the image itself. TSM’s flowers above is a typical example.

edit, but this time the image posted correctly. Perhaps because this is a small image.

trying a larger image…

edit, and this is just a link.

Hm. I can’t see any of the pictures.

@cdaquila: is this via a PC or an iphone?

@BillRussell I am out and about, so I’m on my phone.

Hard to describe correctly but try attaching a file (photo) then before posting click on the file then there’s an option to attach image. Lets see if it works (worked for me)

wolyrobb: I’ll try it

yes, that does work, thanks.



Hmm still can’t see the photos from my phone

Nvm it’s working now! Haha at least I think it is… For whatever reason I still can’t see the photos that others posted.

Anywho I’m wondering if I can bring back my cars paint at this point if anyone can see the picture

yes, I can see it. Pretty bad paint. My guess is: you need to repaint it.

How old is that car?

Is it just the roof . . . or does the hood and trunk look the same?

For the most part, it looks like the clear coat has been coming off, not the paint underneath

I’m not a body shop guy, but I heard talk that it MAY be possible to carefully prep a car and respray clear coat

If it were me, I’d just go for a relatively cheap paint job

How long are you planning on driving it, if I may ask?

If just another year or so, then definitely consider a cheap paint job

If another 5-10 years, it may be worthwhile to consider a middle of the line paint job

@db4690 it’s a 1999 so it’s a good age. For the most part it’s just the roof of the car, the hood and trunk have minor spots that can be buffed back. I was contemplating on trying some wet sanding first and then buffering… But I’m not so sure that will really bring much back… So I’m looking into possibly respraying it. And just bought it so I plan to drive it until it gives out on me haha.

Beware . . . the hood and trunk may soon look like the roof

I’ve seen this before

I say go for a middle of the road paint job

If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of car is this . . . ?

Is it fairly well maintained, and low mileage . . . in other words, do you think you can get another 10 years out of it?

I’d just ignore it. A paint job is not going to increase the value by any appreciable amount.

And it makes it less likely to be stolen.

@db4690 it’s a Crown Victoria with a 144K miles on it… Was a one owner car before and has been well maintained… The guy was a marine and had put new shocks, spark plugs, lower control arms, new brakes and a shift kit on the tranny ? Not sure what those do. I bought it and have the paper to back all the work up so I mean it’s used so as they say anything can happen but our other car is a grand Marquis and it’s got over 200k miles and we haven’t don’t anything other than regular maintenance on it so I’m hoping I can get at least 5 years out of this… Anything longer is a bonus. @BillRussell I would just like to make it look a little nicer…