Anyone have a Crossfire?


I never heard of the Crossfire. Today, driving in McAllen, I saw a funny looking car, and it said CROSSFIRE on the back. I never heard of it before. Am I out of touch!

I looked it up and found it’s made by Chrysler, has a lot of power for a small car. Is it another of those vehicles that everyone looks at but if you try to drive it across the country, it beats you to death?


Nobody posted, so I will. We see them now and then but the question keeps coming back: Who would buy one? What’s the Dodge equivalent? The Backflush?


I had a convertible as a rental car once. It is based on the older version of the MB SLK; it doesn’t use either of the currently available MB 6-cyl engines (3L or 3.5L), but the older 3.2L engine. Performance was decent, though not exhilarating. The trunk is extremely small with the top down. There was only room for my 22" rollaboard suitcase and a briefcase, and I had to push real hard. It was fun, though.


Thanks for responses. That was a spur of the moment question, based on a need to post something, to help in final testing. There were a couple of minor problems, and the Admin responded personally very fast, and they were fixed.

Still, I was curious. Yeah, I sure can’t imagine paying that much for a car that funny looking, but there are people who always want something different.

Give me my trusty old 2002 Sienna, or a new one like it! We do drive a lot, it has 120,000 miles on it and we have been known to take two or three computers back there, also an electronic cooler, and piles of books when we are going to be gone a while. There is so much room there, I love it, and still 24 mpg at 73 mph.


me and my dad saw them the day they came out, they arent very good cars, but then again, they may have changes since then


Specifically what about them is not very good?


they are heavy, really spongy, ugly, and just overall inreliable