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Any thoughts on college daughter car 2003 grand am?

What to look for as common issues to this model, thanks.

14 year old car. You should know that past problems might not apply to all and possibly have been solved or weak parts replaced by now. Just have it inspected and hope for the best.

83 k miles pending mechanic inspection of course. Drive belt or chain? Sure figuring brakes or tires just looking for experience in catastrophic failures that may be associated with this model.

Crappy brakes (squeal, shudder, groan, pulsation, repeat) and rear wheel bearings. No timing belts 4 or 6 cylinder. 14 year old car so normal 14 year old car stuff. Otherwise OK.

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So responded to one local car, 2002 honda, his aunt in Mississippi selling the car on ebay free shopping, really? Not for me. Grand am I am a mechanic, had the car for 2 months but decided not to keep it coolant problem, might need a new radiator cap , RUN! Woe to those who look at buying these cars.