To sell 02 Pontiac GrandAm GT...?

I am the owner of a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT with 63k on it. It’s been a really reliable car since I bought it two years ago… I recently replaced the blower regulator. Now, I have just gotten an estimate for work that needs to be done:

Replace Intake Manifold Gaskets - 617

Front and rear pads and rotors - 515

Replace Window Regulator - 257

Replace R/F Xmission Output Shaft Seal - 103

That said - I’m wondering if those things are worth fixing, or if I should go and buy a new car. I would like to buy a new one within two years, so I’d like this to be the last major issue. I have been searching for reports of other problems with this car, but have been unsuccessful. I am looking for my next car to be a Civic or Corolla. I know I didn’t do my research when I bought this… but it was the first time I bought a car on my own. I want to make sure the 1,400k is a good investment and more problems aren’t around the corner.

Any advice would be appreciated - especially if you’ve had experience with this car.


I would fix it, but get some more estimates, the brake job sounds high.

Hi, I would say that the brake job is a little high as well. I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am SE1. I had my rotors and pads replaced for $303.00 (Cdn) I would shop around some more get more ideas. Haven’t had any trouble with the Window Regulator… yet… But just replaced both intake manifold gaskets in december to the tune of $1200.00. Just like yours the car was great for the first 2 years of owning it, and then things started to break. Just to let you know as well the fuel pumps go also, because I replaced that in August 2007 which was really expensive as well. The told me to replace the fuel filter every 30,000 kilometres… Also you have to keep these cars above 1/4 of a tank, as when it gets below that it starts to suck in all the crap at the bottom of the tank and then the pumps fail. It’s in the garage right now, and they think the fuel pump went again!!! When I bought the car i was only 17, and really liked it now that it’s gouging me I want to send it down the road. Luckily, I was rear-ended in an accident awhile back so I’m hoping it gets totalled. That would be so nice. LOL. It seems like since my accident it’s been giving me way more problems than it had before! The things is if you sell the vehicle to get it up to par all these things have to be fixed first, that way you would get your asking price out of it. I want to get rid of mine within the year it’s getting too expensive. All the prices you were quoted is this without labor included?

I do need to have the fuel filter changed - I’ve been told that as well. The quotes included labor - yes.

Have you had any other issues?

And if I go to trade this in, I’m not going to fix any of these issues. It will just be taken off the trade-in value. Because the money I put in won’t show up in the return trade in value.

Is this a dealer? If so, get quotes from another mechanic. Why do they say you need the manifold gaskets? Do you notice any performance issues that might be associated with this condition? You can buy pads and rotors for this car for about $160 and the labor should be about 1.5 to 2 hours, even when I do it for myself. You can get a regulator and motor assembly for about $70 on line. There is no more than 1 hour work for this. Why does the repair shop think you have a bad transmission seal? If it’s leaking, do you see any fluid on the ground where you park?

Even at their prices, that’s about $1500 for a car in excellent condition. If you buy another used car, how do you know what it will need in the next few months, let alone the next two years?

Okay. To be honest with you I will list all the issues I have had, now it makes me wonder why i even went with the Grand Am.

  1. Strut
  2. Wheel Bearings (Both replaced at 90 K)
  3. brakes and rotors
  4. Intake Manifolds
  5. Fuel Pump
  6. Wiper Motor- Wipers don’t work properly on delay cycle
  7. Power Seat Regulator- This was replaced under warranty
  8. Front and Rear Suspension Bushings- 1100.00 This past November
  9. Rack and Pinion
    10)Brake/Shift Interlock and Transmission-This is going to hopefully be fixed next week.

Yes, I have had a lot of trouble with this car, although in the beginning I refused to admit that it gave trouble but i think mine was a lemon from the start.

Anyone else I know that had a Grand Am did not have all the problems that I have had…

It makes sense for you not to fix these issues if you are going to trade it in.

With all the trouble I’ve had with this Grand Am, and with GM in general I am never going back to GM again. A Dodge Caliber will be next purchase!

Good Luck!

Thanks for your comments. With mine at 62k right now, I am averaging 10k per year, so I’m thinking I can get by to 82k and then trade it in after that. But I agree… while the car is great, looks great, runs great, they have bad construction when it comes to durability to stuff that shouldn’t go out when it does. I really shouldn’t have had to replace the blower regulator at 61k… but it was bad design according to two different mechanics.

No, this is the mechanic right by my office. According to two mechanics I’ve spoken with, this is (A) something that the GrandAm - the intake manifolds - that was designed very poorly.

As for the pads and rotors - so, I go and buy them, then ask the mechanic to put them on for me? Why would I do that?

And would I put the motor and stuff on for the window?

And as for the bad xmission seal, I was told by one mechanic that there was a xmission leak, so I had another look at it and they said they only found it in that location.

And as for the trade-in. If I did that, I would buy a brand new car - Honda preferably.

What are your thoughts?

Economically it makes far better sense to fix this car verses dropping 20 grand into a new one.

See what they will give you for trade-in. Theoretically, you should fix it and drive it but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we plan it. Most places won’t like it if you try to save money with your own parts. They make a lot of money on markups.

I provided prices for components so that you could compare them to the parts prices that your mechanic quotes. He may be quoting new GM parts, which are more expensive, at least for the regulator/motor assembly. You might suggest aftermarket parts where they make sense. I bought 2 regulator/motor assemblies for my 1998 Buick Regal and am pleased with them. I don’t think that the mechanic will mind if you show up with parts. He’s buying them for you as a service. If you want to use the factory replacements, do so. You can also do this in stages. The brakes should be first. Depending on how bad the leaks are, you might be able to postpone those repairs. Unless you use the broken window a lot, you can do that one last. The mechanic should be honest if he is sure that you will get the work done there. He should be honest anyway, but the promise of future business help.

I’ve spoken with, this is (A) something that the GrandAm - the intake manifolds - that was designed very poorly.

While this is true…GM has had EXTREMELY HIGH failure rates on intake manifolds for their V6 and V8 engines…I wouldn’t replace them unless there was a problem. Check your oil for water and the radiator for oil. But I wouldn’t replace them just for the heck of it.

All the mechs I’ve spoken with have said to replace the Intake simply because of the failure rate. I’m not sure if it is leaking yet or not.

How do you know if water is in the oil? How would I know? And also, how do I know if the radiator has oil? I would love to not drop 20k for a new car if I can fix these and save the car for two years from now.

Thanks for your help with the last questions.