95 Pontiac Grand Am - Lotsa Buttons/Nothing Working!

Hi guys, I just inherited a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am. Not my taste, but hey it’s free or NOT! It’s loaded, leather and has 61,000 miles on it, is in overall good condition, but the following items do not work or work well: all four blinkers, the adjustment on side mirrors, the door on the front pass. side, the high beams won’t stay on, the electric windows can be slow or pause for awhile, the windshield wipers hesitate when being switched to a faster pace. Are these electrical problems related? Help - I’m a car-unsavvy girl!!


Looks as though the previous owner just plain gave up on it eh?

The faults for the most part are electric in nature but not related.

You’ll have to take them on one at a time. IF you want to learn how to do the fixing yourself.

You’ll need a repair manual for that vehicle and a few tools, etc.

If not, look around for a reputable independent tech/shop. Ask family, friends and co-workers who they like and with whom they are satisfied with.

When you’ve made up your mind, get one or two things fixed first and see how things go. Talk to other customers too.

Until I see your answer(s) to my post, I won’t ask questions about each of your mechanical/electrical problems as most are not clear as you posted.

With 2 exceptions which are the faulty headlights and the dragging window.

The headlights may have a faulty relay or there may be bad ground connections or dirty bulb sockets, etc.

The faulty window MAY be due to lack of lubrication in the tracks or perhaps the window regulator is binding or the window motor is worn out.

Thank you for your response - very appreciated. You are right; I need to have it looked at by a reputable independent shop if I want to faix all of these problems. I plan to sell it, so I was thinking of just setting a low price and letting someone take it as a project. I’m not sure if this is best or to put money into it and hope it sells. Thoughts?