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Help, suggest a fix

2003 pontiac grand am gt, v-6 auto/ 66,000 miles. FRONT RIGHT WHEEL HOP , under medium to heavy breaking and or left cornering. vary light cv joint noise at slow speed in tight turn if you really listen carefully[front left also]. it has new front pads and new front rotors. it does it with the BFG’S on factory aluminum in summer and on GOODYEARS on factory steel in the winter. it tracks straight with no issues and doesnt pull either way, no steering wheel vibration/shake. smooth quiet acceleration. also the cv boots look good and are clean, lug nuts are stock and torqed,air press good , balancing good… what do you think???

Worn out strut?

from how it handles dips and bumps i wood say no , but i could be wrong. how would you diagnose/check a strut… what signs could i look for?