Any manuals or write-ups that show how to change engine and trans mounts on 2006 3.3 Sonata?

I have a Chilton and the 2006 Sonata Shop Manual but there are no specific entries on replacing the motor and trans mounts. The shop manual has a few entries on removing the whole transmission and engine.

Any other manuals that show specifically how to change them? Ive just learned about AllData and Mitchell manuals. Are those more detailed and show the specific steps for replacing all the mounts or is the shop manual the same as those?

The images below are from the shop manual, which steps would I do for the trans mount?

1, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18 and 21?


It seems that steps 1-2-3-4 are required to gain access to the mount and steps 11 and 12 will remove the mount. I don’t believe it would be necessary to disconnect the shift linkage, the clutch slave cylinder or the oil cooler hose but you must decide when you get down to the mount.

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AllData’s procedure for transmission removal matches yours pretty closely, even the diagrams. Just like yours, the last two steps are

  • Remove the transaxle lower mounting bolts from engine.
  • Remove the transaxle assembly.

I doubt you’re going to find anything more detailed than that for removing the transmission mounts.

If diy’er me were in your situation I’d read the procedure, look at the diagrams, then crawl under the car and see if I could figure out a way to do it without removing the transmission, just jacking it up or otherwise supporting it while it remained in the car. It’s probably pretty obvious how to do it once you are under the car. If I still couldn’t figure it out I’d bring some donuts over to the Hyundai dealership and try to snag an off-duty mechanic for some tips.

BTW have you tried google, there may be some u-tube vdos how to do it.

Once you figure it out, post the info here, and others will benefit from what you discover.

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If you acquire an engine support

and carefully install it to make the work safe you should be able to one by one remove and replace any or all the mounts as needed. That tool will safely support the weight and enable you to raise and lower the drive train as needed.

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I made one of those out of wood when I replaced the timing belt on my Corolla, but if I do it again I think I’ll buy one of those steel support bars. The wood method worked, but it had too much give. Jacking the engine up from below I found is helpful too. Just place a piece of wood between the jack and where you jack.

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Yeah, nothing on the trans mount. There was one for a engine mount. There are four mounts all together. I read it is best to replace them all at once. Seems pretty straight forward…support engine and trans slightly with a jack on a solid piece of the trans and engine and remove the mount bolts. Right now just trying to get as much info as possible. Will be under there some time this week and will get some pictures and videos to post here. Thanks guys :+1:

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@sonata2006 Why not get a couple of estimates for having the mounts replaced ? Just the thought of having a vehicle raised on stands then raising the engine and transmission and getting under all that as a first time venture seems like a disaster ready to happen.