Are AllData and Mitchell manuals the same as a shop manual?

I have a 2006 Sonata shop manual set. Are AllData and Mitchell the same as a shop manual? Or do they have their own write-ups and images? Or any other repair manuals?

Reason Im asking is because I want to change engine and trans mounts but there are no specific chapters in Chilton or the phone book sized shop manuals on how to do them. There are some steps mentioned for removing the whole engine and the whole transmission, but nothing specific on just the mounts.

Like the Chilton has a guide to change spark plugs, but the way it is for the mounts would be like Chilton having spark plug removal process with removing the whole engine.

The Hyundai factory shop manuals are more detailed than either Mitchell or AllData as I recall. And the removal of the mounts may be included in the engine removal section. Have you read the entire engine removal section? Shop manuals have made finding details difficult for years. The benefit for using Mitchell and AllData is that you can find and print the information that you need and carry it to the job while the manuals can be a pain to deal with while under the hood or worse under the car.

But once the engine/transmission is properly supported so that it can be lifted and lowered as needed it doesn’t seem there should be any problem deciding which bolt to remove first.

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To change mounts, just support the engine/tranny from underneath, then follow the part of the engine removal instructions that talks about disconnecting from the mounts. Do them one at a time, obviously. :wink:

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AllData and Mitchells are much better IMHO than a shop manual. They’re database subscriptions that encompass data for almost all vehicles in detail to deeper levels than a hard manual, and the data is updated on an ongoing basis. They contain not only procedures, but also part detailed drawings and exploded view drawing of everything. To get the same amount in shop manuals you’d need to at least get the engine manual, the body manual, the tranny manual, the wiring manual, the electrical schematics manual… you get the idea. The subscriptions are basically the same thing that the dealer’s shops uses.

The compromise? You need a computer in the shop and the willingness to use it.

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I found a factory manual for the 2001 model Hyundai XG 3000 and the instructions for removing the mounts is very basic. As expected the first step is to “Attach a cable or chain to the engine hooks, and then lift them enough so that there is no pressure on the insulators.” Then mount by mount you are instructed to remove the bolts then each mount. Shop manuals do make things sound so simple though.

What in particular were you concerned about in removing and replacing the mounts @sonata2006?

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I can’t speak for Mitchell but I’ve found ALLDATA (sometimes derogatively referred to as NO DATA) to be somewhat incomplete and in some cases; wrong.

During a Mitsubishi wiring hunt some years ago I discovered that the Haynes manual was flat wrong. ALLDATA showed the exact same wiring pages warts and all. It appears they use scans from wherever.
When I emailed ALLDATA and advised them of this error they told me the pages were correct and that “someone must have tampered with the wiring on the car”.

Sorry, that was in no way true at all.

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I have the factory service manual for my Corolla, and I use AllData sometimes too. AllData is an abridged form of the factory service manual. AllData has the basic information in condensed format that an experienced mechanic needs to know to remove and replace commonly replaced parts. But AllData doesn’t have the introduction sections of how each system works, and isn’t as comprehensive as the factory service manual for electrical system debugging. It also doesn’t cover problems with some of the body parts, like windows and doors nearly as well as the factory service manual does. For example there’s a trick needed to remove the window handle, and AllData doesn’t supply that trick as far as I can tell. But it is described int he factory service manual.

I looked up engine mounts in AllData for my Corolla, and all what it had to say about them was in the engine removal section. Their instructions: “remove the mount”.

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Thanks for all the replies, advice and info. Will stick with the shop manual (and ask here if I get stuck) :smile:

What other parts have to be removed. I seen some videos on youtube with side engine mounts and the coolant reservoir and a few other things were removed. Also what does not need to be removed.

I guess I will go through the shop manual (also have the PC version) and print screen the steps and post the images and instructions and ask on here what steps I should do and avoid.

:grin: so true

:smile: lol I know, I figured the large shop manual would be a specific step by step (screw for screw) guide for a DIYer.

Motor mounts are a primary thing, and lots of things are in the way when you try to get to the mount. The mount itself isn’t terribly complex, just getting there is. Plan on putting the car on jack stands, removing the covers from the underside of the engine compartment (a truly pain in the butt job) and when you finally see the mounts you will start to know what has to be removed from the top to get to the bolts. I’ve found that a hydraulic jack under the engine (put a piece of wood between the jack and the bottom of the engine) will lift it enough to swap motor mounts.