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2002 Hyundai Sonata motor mounts

How long will engine blocks last on a 2002 automatic trans Sonata?

Delores , please say why you are asking this question. Without a crystal ball I don’t think an answer can be given .

I meant to say motor mounts. If one motor mount on a 2005 Sonata needs replacing then is it customary to replace all of them? Are there 4 mounts? Sonata automatic.

The mechanic can better answer that . But I would just have them all done at the same time .

If it only needs one, I would only do one. You never know how long you are going to have this 16-17 year old car.

If one motor/transmission mount fails, doesn’t mean all the mounts require replacement.


Hard to say. They wear out a little with each rapid start, so the more rapid starts and rapid accelerations you do the shorter their lifespan. I’ve never needed to replace a motor mount. The original motor mounts on both my current vehicles – 27 and 47 years old – are still working fine. However, on track racing cars, like Nascar or the like, the motor mounts may need replacing after every race. It’s usually possible for a shop to get a pretty good assessment of their condition by just looking at them one by one and how they respond to bumping the engine rpm while idling on the shop floor. If your experienced and trusted mechanics says to replace all four, then that’s what you should do. If you don’t trust your shop, either find a shop you do trust, or just replace the one that definitely needs it. BTW, why do you think your motor mount(s) are faulty? Do you notice a symptom?

I would recommend replacing all of the engine mount on a vehicle of this age if I felt that the customer would return the next day complaining that they can still feel the engine running after replacing only the failed mount. Each customer has different standards, some want perfection, others want an economical repair.

NASCAR uses rubber engine mounts with a short lifespan?

Personally I am down to 20 rapid starts a day so I think I can get another 10 years out of my mounts.

Heat is the cause of shortened engine mount lifespans, I have replaced deteriorated engine mounts on limousines every 30,000 miles in some cases.

Possibly, but I’m referring to the fact that race cars experience a lot of rapid accelerations.

This is one of those situations where I recommend factory parts

I’ve had numerous instances where aftermarket mounts were not satisfactory

CAUTION/Warning in 2008 the upper passenger side motor mount on my wifes 2002 Sonata broke. I went to the Hyundai dealer parts & about fell over when the guy wanted 370 bucks. Thought he was joking, but not so
At the time my BIL owned a mom & pop auto parts store. He sold me the same genuine Hyundai part for 80 bucks.
Had i been a regular retail customer he would have charged me 120 bucks