Any ideas on this mysterious noise?

Re: 2008 Honda Odyssey Van (still under warranty)

My van makes a random ‘clink’ sound usually when backing out of my drive or driving from a stopped light. It is loud and sounds as if a wrench drop off the van. At first it only happened now and then but it currently happens at least once a day. Since dealership can not duplicate the sound they are insisting everything is fine.

Do you have any ideas?

Does it happen when you’re driving the car for the first time that day? It’s most likely the ABS self test, though I don’t really know why it’d happen any other time than just coming out of your driveway.

Thank you so much for giving this thought. For the first few month of this ‘clink’ it indeed was only when I was pulling out of the drive. I thought it only happened when the car was in reverse. And it was usually only after the first drive of the day. But then the frequency of the ‘clink’ increased and I noticed that it would happen after driving from a stop light. It usually only happens once a day.
ABS self test???hmmmm. Wonder if this is a common problem???
Thanks again for your thoughts.

The description of the sound combined with the conditions under which it’s happening would cause me to exclude the ABS self test as a ptential candidate. I’ve never heard one make a clink or clunk and the self test happens only on initial engine startup.

Has the dealership put the car up on a rack and checked for something visable or clinking when shaken?

the front lower control arm rear bushings are mounted up and down. they do fail and will make a noise.

Honda Has Apparently Had Complaints Of Problems With Clicking, Popping, Or Clunking On 2007 - 2009 And Early 2010 Odysseys Because They Issued A Technical Service Bulletin Specifically For These Vehicles.

The only problem is that they say the noise exists when turning the steering wheel and the wheels are turning. You say it does it after driving from a stop light (straight ahead ?).

Outer CV joints have been found to be defective. The fix, under warranty, as outlined for Honda technicians in the bulletin, is to replace the front driveshaft assembly(s).

Can you recall if the wheels are turned when this happens ?


Hi There,
Yes, they claim they have put it on rack and checked it out. I don’t know exactly what tests they did. I could call them in the morning and ask. But I have to be honest, I don’t really trust that they did much of anything. They said that because the car is new, I may be sensitive to any normal change of sounds. But this van didn’t always make this LOUD clank. It is so loud that people outside of the car can hear it. Another thing is that it started after I took it in for a recall. They insist that the recall was just an update programing of the computer for the transmission…something like that anyway.

You all are so nice to be helping me!!!
Funny you should mention the wheel being turned. Our drive is long and curved so the wheel is turned. Regarding the other times it happens, I am not sure. I remember the first time I heard the noise when I was out on the road and I definitely was making a left turn. I remember this because I was startled by the clank. It was the first time the van made the noise when I wasn’t in the drive. And I would say that more than 1/2 of the time it happens when I am in reverse.