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2019 Ford Escape - Clunks

2019 FORD ESCAPE TITANIUM 2.0L ECOBOOST; 10Kmi; after backing up, shift to drive then as beginning to go forward, a “clunck clunck” sound from rearend??..Bailey Ford, Plattsburgh, NY rode in car, heard the sound and scheduled appointment. Meantime, no courtesy van for ride home or ride back to dealer; had to walk 1.5mi each time; I’m 71yrs old and dealer sits atop long uphill distance from my home; didn’t enjoy the walk! :frowning: any others with similar problems?

A few years younger, so I still enjoy the walk, Seems unusual in my experience to not offer at least a shuttle ride for a warranty repair. Maybe a call to a manger or owner and tell them you need a shuttle, tell them your situation see what they say.


If this takes place after the car has been sitting overnight, or at least for several hours, I strongly suspect that you are hearing the normal self-test that the ABS system runs under certain circumstances.

Even if your previous vehicles had ABS, but you didn’t hear any sound from its self-test, you have to bear in mind that this noise factor differs significantly from one make and model to another.

Even though the information below is from a Nissan service bulletin, it actually applies to all vehicles equipped with ABS:

Some customers may notice a “clunk” noise during braking after each engine start when their vehicles are initially driven in forward or reverse gear. This “clunk” noise may be accompanied by a ‘pulsation’ in the brake pedal. The anti-lock brake system is a sophisticated system with electronic sensors, electric pumps, and hydraulic solenoids controlled by a computer. The computer has a built-in diagnostic feature that tests the system each time the vehicle is started and reaches a speed of 4 mph in forward or reverse gear. If the customer expresses a concern regarding this “clunk” noise and pedal pulsation, he/she should be reassured that this is normal and no indication of any malfunction.

Why not get an Uber?

Is it FWD or AWD?

AWD (Intelligent Four Wheel Drive) Mel

Whether it is a FWD model, or one equipped with AWD, this is almost surely an ABS self-test “issue”, which is not actually an issue.

That could well be the problem. If not that, being AWD creates one more system to clunk in the rear axle.