O8 vibe

my 08 vibe make a double clicking sound when i first apply the brakes after it has been sitting…is this normal…i took it to my mechanic and naturally they didn’t hear it or charge me for looking into it…i had an o3 vibe and don’t recall this occurring…is it the brakes or something else…i like my vibe alot

There was some controversy over a similar post recently, but in spite of that, I am going to give you a possibility that would be entirely normal. What you are hearing could simply be the ABS self-test that is supposed to run each time that you start the engine after a prolonged shutdown. The norm for this situation is for the noise to be heard after driving a few feet.

The problem here is that we cannot hear the noise, so this also might not be the ABS self-test. The noise from this normal function ranges (depending on make and model) from a few clicks, to a “vibrator” noise, to a clunk or two.

I would suggest that you read the section of your Owner’s Manual dealing with the ABS system to see if there is a description of the sound that is produced by the system’s self-test. And, if you have never looked at this book previously, I would suggest that you actually read the entire thing. Once you get past the 10 pages telling you how to put on your seatbelts, the amount of valuable information in there is simply amazing.

hi…thank you so much for the reply, i really appreciate it…i would like to add that the double clacking some time happen after i have been driving, not often… i will consult the manual… thanks again…martin : )

Does it happen after you have backed up and used the brakes? In other words, do you hear a clack when first applying the brakes going forward after you have used them while backing up?

it may be to early to tell, but the problem may have abated…i just came back from a long road trip, from detriot to the outer banks of north carolina, 810 miles…made good time…i mostly drive freeways to work and an easy on my vibe, especially braking…on the way down to the obx, as it is called, there were times that i had to really appliy the brakes…especially turning off 295 around richmond va. onto 64…i was making good time, 80’s…and doing the follow/lead game with a asian make car…we both got on the exit at a good speed, but he got stuck behind a slow car… as i pasted him, i found i was going a little bit to fast for the turn and had to really apply the brakes to keep control…so my point to all this is my brakes got a bit of a work out from there normal easy driving…maybe this helped, i don’t know yet…will post about this again later…thanks again…martin

i was talking to some one at work and they think ithe long drive and harder braking may have loosened a stuck cylinder