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What causes a soft clunking noise front end when reaches exactly 10 mph?

After car has sat for an hour or more. The car will make a clunking sound, front end, when it reaches 10 mph…but will only do this when first start driving. Doesn’t make clunk after it’s moving. BUT, if it sits for an hour or more later, it’ll make the same clunking sound when starting out. Not related to turning steering wheel or braking.
year -2011 with 20,000miles

What you have described is almost surely the ABS self-test, which is normally run under the exact circumstances that you describe. I would be very surprised if the Owner’s Manual for your mystery make & model vehicle doesn’t discuss this normal function.

Honda? Toyota? ABS self test is probably it as @VDCdriver said. My 2005 Accord does this, but it was never mentioned in the owner’s manual.

This is a 2011 Toyota Venza.

I would be very surprised if the Owner’s Manual for your 2011 Venza doesn’t discuss the sound of the normal ABS self-test. Have you tried reading the manual?

My 09 Camry does this at 7mph. ABS self test.

Haven’t had a chance to check the owner’s manual…but you would think that the Toyota mechanics would be aware of the issue. I have had it to Toyota for “repair” of this issue three times in less than one month. They hear the “clunk” but don’t know what’s causing it. They’ve tightened up the breaks and then replaced some steering column grease packet…still got the clunk. They want me to bring it in a 4th time to see if they can solve the clunking issue???


“tightened up the breaks” . . . please explain

“They’ve tightened up the breaks”

Assuming that you are referring to the brakes, modern vehicles with disc brakes do not need, “tightening”, thus leading me to believe that they did…nothing.

Anyway…Wouldn’t it take less time to peruse the Owner’s Manual than it would be to take the car in again for service?

ABS self test. That’s why it happens only once after startup. My 2004 Sienna does this.

The clunkng you here at 10 MPH. will be your ABS setting themselves. My 06 CRV does this at about 12 MPH. Honda Bill

Yep, “brakes”…need to spellcheck before sending. Also checked the owner’s manual last night…say’s the ABS may make a “sound” upon start up or beginning to move. So…that seems to be the issue. Thanks for all the comments. Much appreciated. I should have checked with cartalk BEFORE taking my car to Toyota!!!

I’m glad that the OP has been reassured by reading her Owner’s Manual. That is just one small example of why car owners will rarely get full enjoyment of their vehicle, and may not get proper functioning of some features, if they don’t read the manual that was provided by the manufacturer.

I also have to say that Spellcheck would not have flagged, “breaks”, simply because, “breaks”, is an actual word that you spelled correctly. If you had typed, “brakas”, or, “trakes”, or some other non-existent word, it would have flagged your mistake, but when you type a real word, it will not be flagged, even if you use it in the wrong context, as you did.

Or…at least that is the way that the Spellcheck programs with which I am familiar can be expected to work.

Out of curiosity and in no means to deride: how long did it take to read the Owner’s Manual in its entirety?

How much money (in form of owner’s money and warranty-covered) was expended on this issue?

Given that, “money spent”/“time to read”= the equivalent tax-free wage rate of reading the manual, it is astounding how few people take advantage of such a profitable ROI.

It pays (literally) to read the manual (often over and above the wage anyone could obtain via other methods).

@Debber123, I would be surprised if the mechanics at your dealership did. It know what the issue was. I think they see you as an easy mark for extra cash. I’d find another place to have your Venza serviced. You are not the only one that as given poor information at the dealership on this subject. I had the same issue on my 2005 Accord when I first bought it. There was no mention of it in the owner’s manual and th e only info on line was for Toyotas. I took it to the dealership and the service writer said he had never heard of the ABS self check on Hondas. I guessed that was it and I believe I was correct.