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"Anti-Skid Service Required"

2004 Volvo S60 has ~ 51,000K “Anti-Skid Service Required”

July '09-Jan '11: Intermittent loss of power steering/stall that began to increase in frequency. Usually when decelerating into a turn. Volvo dealer initially dx as “dirty throttle module” Independent mechanic could not recreate stall/problem. Noted abs / brake failure light to come on, but brakes were okay. Error codes non-specific so recommend getting software update at dealer. Get update, get ABS electrical software updated

Feb '11: Turn car on one day and it stalls while still in park. Error-message in box says, “anti-skid service required.” Problem does not disappear with subsequent restarts. Have car towed to Volvo dealer. Problem is diagnosed to be with BCM. BCM is replaced for $1800.

May '11: Car has been driving perfectly (no stalls, no error codes, no lights or alarms, etc). Today, put car in reverse and it stalls - again get “anti-skid service required message” and stalling. Car will turn on (engine turns over), but it immediately stalls.

Car just towed to dealer. Did I get a faulty BCM or are they missing something? I live in the deep south so Volvo mechanics/dealers are hard to come by (compared to when I had this car with me up North)

Already out a lot of $$, want to proceed down the right path …


As you are learning first hand, Volvo’s that are out of warranty are very expensive to maintain and repair. As the car ages this doesn’t get better, in fact it gets worse.

I’d seriously consider whether you 1: want to put more money in this car? and 2: perhaps you should sell or trade in this car? Hopefully if they tell you the BCM is bad again, there is a warranty to cover the part which you replaced in Feb. just a few months ago.

$1800 for a control module…Do you know how much computing power you can buy for $1800 ?? This is Highway Robbery…

Sadly that is the going rate (or at least that is what I found when I googled anti-skid and BCM), although it is still highway reobbery. If it is a bad BCM the part/labor on it are covered for 2 years.

The car only has 51 K and aside from this irregularity has been maintenance free.


Return to the dealer and see what transpires.